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For outlets

ALIDI works only with FMCG and offers outlets such products as foodstuffs, beverages, cosmetics, household chemistry and pet food. The goods which ALIDI works with are daily used by millions of people. 

Today ALIDI is an exclusive distributor of the biggest producers such as Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Wrigley and others.
ALIDI realizes distribution either as an exclusive distributor for the goods’ producers or in frame of mixed price sales team. It means, that there is always an opportunity to order all the necessary goods with the help of one sales representative.
ALIDI practices an individual approach to each customer and offers various selling techniques:

EDI system  
We offer our partners a chance to use an electronic system of documents circulation by EDI technology (Electronic Data Interchange). Undoubtedly it is very convenient for large customers – orders for productions and commercial documents are 
transmitted in a digital form through a
special protected channel, it is like a client-bank system. EDI introduction allows to lower expenses connected with documents registration to 7-10% of the total deal cost.  

The main difference of the technology from the traditional documents circulation is in the application of universal standards of electronic documents. With the help of EDI documents from corporative computer systems are transferred into a format comprehensible for everybody.


Pre-selling is a technique which is used when there is a large size delivery with a wide range of goods. The procedure of pre-selling is efficient and convenient. The ALIDI’s sales representative comes to a shop and forms an order together with the shop’s representative. The order is made in real time via the palmtop. In case there is one customer’s shop chain, the sales representative can visit all the chain shops or take one centralized order in one shop of the chain by a client’s request. The following day the order is delivered by a van to the address mentioned by a customer.  
Cash and non-cash payment is accepted. 

The van-selling technique was implemented by our company in order of saving time. It is a technique when an ALIDI van with a wide range of goods comes to a shop, the sales representative helps to form an  immediately collected from the van and placed to the shop. ALIDI’s employees lay the goods out, install all the necessary equipment, supply the shop with advertising material and design the shelves. This technique is very convenient for small deliveries, because the advance order is not required. 


We help the outlets:
· to maintain  the optimal goods stock in a shop
· to reduce the transport expenses and to save time
· to shorten the procedure of forming the order to 20-30 minutes (without advance order or short deliveries)
· to get free delivery, flexible price and credit politics corresponding to the producer’s strategy.