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For producers

More than 20 years ALIDI provides its clients with distribution services in the categories of foodstuffs,
 beverages, cosmetics, household chemistry and pet food. With a team of 800 professional sales representatives, ALIDI helps manufactures to sell more products, offering the full range of distribution services from the receipt of customer orders to pick/pack/ship, billing and returns management. To maximize sales we offer our partners marketing support (retail audit, merchandizing sales promotion etc.)  
  • Exclusive contracts treatment - separate credit terms for customers, individual management, business-process tuning and products storage up to contractor’s requirements. 
  • Contract implementation is according to clients vision (partner is involved in management of sales , logistic processes are fully synchronized, conformation of services level
    and information data exchange to requirements)
  • Automation of sales and handling:EDI, palmtops of sales teams with remote access to
    company server allow to streamline processes of orders processing: picking and delivery
  • Various selling techniques: van-selling, pre-selling